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Microsoft Management Console Snap-Ins and Applets

List of Microsoft Mangement Console (msc) and applets (cpl).  You can run these from the command line or Windows->Run. ADFS.msc AD Federation Services CERTMGR.msc Certificate Management –Current User CERTSRV.msc Certification Authority CERTTMPL.msc Certificate Templates...

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Prettify JSON

If you need to prettify/validate JSON, I found a couple good options like this jsonlint.com website. I really needed a way to do this from the command line.  So, I placed the following function in my...

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NFL 2013 Schedule – XML, CSV

Here is the 2013 NFL schedule in XML and CSV.  I tend to look for these every year and couldn’t find them yet this year.  Here is my contribution… NFL 2013 Schedule CSV NFL...

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Screen Capturing on a Mac

I always forget these shortcut keys, but they are extremely useful. Why all modern OS’s (uhh hemm, Windows) hasn’t integrated this robust functionality directly into their desktop manager is an oversight in my opinion....


Night Views of Earth

Here are a couple large night views of Earth.  These images originated from NASA, but I found them here.

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Alternative to Dynamic DNS – Project Lighthouse

Almost all Internet Service Providers (ISP) dynamically assign IP addresses.  With some you can request a static IP address.  Almost always this comes with a fee and from my experience is often reserved for...